Spice Blends & Liquid Seasoning Concentrates


Seasonings for all types of processed meats and poultry:

  • Marinated, injected and vacuum tumbled meats
  • Fresh and precooked sausage
  • Continental smallgoods: salami, pepperoni

Meat Dishes/Ready Meals

Seasonings for beef, lamb, poultry, convenience foods and ready meals.



Specialising in Mexican seasonings, Chipotle, Chilli pepper, Fajita and Salsa.

Other ethnic and regional blends including:
Italian, Mediterranean, North and South American, Indian, Asian as well as blends for Spaghetti, Pasta and Pizza sauces, salad dressings and all other styles of condiments.

Bakery Applications

Ecom's onion and garlic extracts can provide economical, natural flavors for breads and other baked goods. In addition to our onion and garlic extracts, the most popular products for breads, buns and cookies are:

  • NR0004 Allspice
  • ENR01003 Anise
  • NR0505 Caraway
  • NR0809 Cinnamon
  • NR1007 Clove
  • NR1204 Cumin
  • NR1847 Ginger
  • NR2503 Nutmeg

Ecom also has experience in blending extracts into flavors suitable for specific baking applications. Some examples are:

  • ENR44617 Bakery blend - a mix of cassia, cinnamon and allspice for apple pie
  • NR4445 Pizza spice oleoresin - suitable for pizza or other savory breads.
  • ENR44764 Garden Mint Oleoresin - a blend of mints and herbs for breads.
  • NR3372 Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend - six spices combined for a traditional pumpkin pie flavour

A seasoning blend for every application with recipes and formulation service available.