Capsicum and Pepper Oleoresins

We are a leading supplier of capsicum extracts offering a wide range of intensity and heat levels for typical 'chilli' applications or custom formulations for specialised products.

Achieving not only pungency but also a flavour profile with capsicum remains one of Ecom’s busiest areas in development.

Below is a list of just some of Ecom’s capsicum based classic blends.

Chilli Spice Blends

  • Adobo (Latin American) spice blend
  • Cajun seasoning oleoresin
  • Jamaican style jerk seasoning blend
  • Classic medium chilli with cumin
  • Hot chilli with cumin, garlic and oregano


Capsicum Based Flavours and Specialty Extracts

  • Chipotle lime blend
  • Green chilli type flavour
  • Sweet chilli lime blend
  • Chipotle oleoresin
  • Habanero extract
  • Jalapeno oleoresin
  • Piri Piri blend