Water Dispersible Oleoresin Seasoning Blends, Water and Oil Dispersible Spice and Herb Extracts and Natural Colours

Spice and Herb Oleoresins and Essential Oils have played an important role in the processed food industry for more than forty years. Makers of prepared foods and food ingredients rely on these Natural Oleoresin extracts for consistent and reproducible flavour, aroma and colour.

The advantages of quality oleoresins and oils are widely recognised:


  • Consistent flavour and aroma
  • Consistent colour from natural sources
  • Superior microbiological quality
  • Reduced warehouse space
  • Longer shelf life
  • Economy

Application Suggestions:



  • Pickling Brines
    A range of specially formulated blends without polysorbates and designed to produce clear pickling brines.
  • Salad Dressings and Mayonnaise
    Colour and flavour of emulsion-type salad dressings as well as full-fat, low-fat and no-fat salad dressings can benefit from the complete dispersibility of our liquid seasoning blends.
  • Canned Soups
    Flavour is retained during production and after packaging. Our spice/herb blends are retort stable.
  • Marinades
    Readily dispersible in brines and phosphate solutions with moderate agitation. Our blends will not clog injector needles like ground spices.
  • Low-Fat Meat Products
    Many low-fat products rely on alternative sources of flavour to compensate for what is lost when fat content is decreased. These blends can eliminate 'hot spots' because they are easily dispersed throughout the entire product.
  • Sauces, Condiments and Gravies
    Oleoresins deliver consistent flavour to retorted, hot pack and cold pack sauces like Curry, Pasta, Chilli and Barbecue.
  • Natural Colours
    Spirulina blue as well as colours based on Oleoresins of Annatto, Carrot, Paprika and Turmeric. Suitable for a wide range of food applications from bakery, confectionery, beverages, sauces, or oven roasted colours to meat coatings.
  • Sweet Non-Savoury applications
    We have Oleoresins available for baked products, desserts, cultured foods, nutritional foods and beverages. Options include extracts of Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Nutmeg and a unique Chai Seasoning Blend. 
  • Processed Meats
    Water dispersible Oleoresins may be added directly to processed meats during chopping, grinding, mixing, pumping, injecting or tumbling.
  • Cheese Sauces and Dairy-based Dips
    Oleoresins add uniform colour and flavour to cheese sauces, snack and vegetable dips especially low and no-fat products.
  • Retorted Foods
    Canned or retort pouch beans, Chilli Con Carne and Macaroni can be effectively flavoured and coloured with our water dispersible Oleoresins and Oleoresin Spice Blends.
  • Regional and Ethnic Seasoning Blends
    Including Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, South American, Indian, Cajun, all Asian styles and many others.