Paprika Oleoresins

Choosing The Best Paprika Extract For Your Food Application


  • Oleoresin Paprika
    An oil soluble extract with standardised colour concentration, widely used in processed foods such as sausage, dressings, dry soluble seasonings, food coatings, and snack food seasonings. Several options are available with different concentrations, flavours and colour intensity.

  • Water Dispersable Oleoresin Paprika
    A water and oil dispersible extract consisting of Oleoresin Paprika with food grade emulsifiers. This Paprika is the preferred product for emulsion type sauces and dressings, marinades, injection solutions, and wherever adding Paprika to the aqueous phase is beneficial.

  • Oleoresin Paprika with Enhanced Light Stability
    Available in water and oil dispersible versions and several concentrations.