Garlic & Onion Extracts

To respond to the many ways in which garlic and onion products are used, Ecom has developed a very wide range of extracts, flavours and oleoresins covering applications from snacks to soups to breads.  Garlic & Onion Extracts are natural, economical and convenient replacements for dehydrated powders, granules and fresh product. Significant savings on onion and garlic costs are possible compared with fresh and dehydrated powders.

Our range of garlic includes roasted garlic with a deep roast character without the ‘sulfury’ profile of unprocessed bulbs and sautéed garlic that offers the fried character of garlic.

Onion extracts form the basis to so many different recipes.  When it is not being used for its ‘raw’ flavour, it often is found sautéed or roasted.  Sometimes it is subtly added for a rich flavour enhancement without showing any distinctive onion character.

Highlight Applications:


  • Both garlic and onion extracts come together in a garlic bread spread (ENR44811) to achieve cost savings, longer flavour life and better consistency.
  • A number of our garlic extracts are blended with vegetable oils and sold at retail as infused oils.
  • Garlic and onion are used in marinades for meats, seafoods and pickles or for bland products such as tofu.
  • Garlic and onion Oleoresins are also favourites with spice blenders to boost their seasoning mixes, particularly for snacks.