Sorption Isotherm Generation

What we Offer

We offer a rapid, high resolution Moisture Sorption Isotherm generation service, using the AquaSorp from Decagon Devices.

When water is a key ingredient, knowing your products' or ingredients' moisture sorption isotherm is the first step in developing profitable, shelf-stable products.


How 'Rapid' is it?

Testing itself will generally take about 24 hours and results will be sent on the day following completion of the test.


What Information Will I Get?

We will provide you with a plot of the isotherm, together with the raw data, GAB and BET models and a double-log polynomial model of the isotherm. Learn more about the Decagon AquaSorp.


What is a 'Moisture Sorption Isotherm'?

A moisture sorption isotherm describes the relationship between moisture content (y-axis) and water activity (x-axis) for a given product, at a single temperature.


Reasons to Generate a Sorption Isotherm:

  • Are you having product shelf-life or stability problems?
  • Do you understand how water migrates within your product?
  • Do you understand how your product gains or loses water?
  • Do you need to determine mono-layer moisture content?

There are many situations where sorption isotherms can provide valuable information. If you are having shelf-life or product moisture related problems, then understanding the product's moisture sorption characteristics may assist in solving the problem.

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