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Flavours created and Manufactured in Christchurch New Zealand

Our Flavourists can offer a diverse range of high quality flavours, backed by our applications knowledge and experience. We realise that every product development is different and that Natural, Nature Identical and Artificial flavours all have their place in today's food market. Our flavourists are able to develop unique flavours created specifically for your food product. The flavours are manufactured here in Christchurch and we can offer convenient order quantities to suit our customers. Pack size ranges from 1kg up to pallets of flavour at a time. We have short lead times, high quality products and are very competitive on pricing.

With our Customer Specific Profiling service or CSP we can provide simple flavour solutions if you are faced with long lead times, discontinued supply, or high prices elsewhere.



Vanilla: the quintessential flavour. Our passion for vanilla had led us to seek out the best in the world. We offer a complete range of vanilla products and extracts.



At Formula Foods we are committed to our customers, understanding that their success is our success. This leads us to ensure that we offer the very best service possible.


What is the Difference Between Natural, Nature Identical and Artificial Flavours?

  • Natural flavours are derived from natural products. Natural flavours tend to be more expensive due to the higher costs of producing them.
  • Nature Identical flavours are chemically identical to flavours that are 'Natural', however they have been synthesised in a laboratory (eg. the chemical that gives a strawberry its flavour is made in a laboratory or factory, instead of being extracted from a strawberry).
  • Artificial flavours are chemical flavours that do not occur in nature but have been developed scientifically. They are manufactured in a laboratory or factory.

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